Should you use a controller for PC gaming?

Casual Aces Footer 2Hey Guys, Casual Aces here. This week I wanted to look at the use of gaming controllers to play PC games. I will be going through both the pros and cons as well as what I’ve found to be the best mapping software for games that don’t natively  support a controller.

I suppose I should explain a little bit more behind my main choice to use a controller. I was a console gamer for a long time and with the recent moves regarding the next generation of gaming I made the decision to build my own PC. Not only did it give me a vast array of choice regarding different parts and vendors, it also has given me a platform that just plain doesn’t exist in the console market which is the option to upgrade and customize. I built my PC back in December 2013 and have been playing on it ever since. I was at a disadvantage though when I first started playing as the keyboard and mouse was a tough transition when compared with the ease of a controller. Mind you I still play War Thunder with a mouse and keyboard because it is just a lot easier.

Below is a list of the Pros and Cons of using a gaming controller

Pros                                                   Cons

– Comfortable                                        – Reaction times are slower than mouse

– Easier to play on                                – More precision with mouse and keyboard

– FPS friendly                                        – Extra cost (keyboard & mouse are default)

Most games that are released across all platforms have either partial or full controller support that you can take advantage when playing. For other games you would have to use mapping software to map the controls to it. There are loads of different ones that are both free and paid. Obviously the paid versions are supported better and  have more options however the free ones are just as good if you are on a budget. I have used several but seem to have settled on one called Xpadder. Its the most versatile and flexible software that I have come across. It covers a range of  different controller types as well as whatever layout you are most comfortable with. Ergonomically speaking the Xbox 360 controller is one of the most comfortable controllers to play on and one of my favourite aesthetic designs in the gaming world to date.

Do you think controllers should be used in PC gaming? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Aces Out. 

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2 comments on “Should you use a controller for PC gaming?
  1. mikestek says:

    I feel it depends on the games you’re playing, as well as if you’re transitioning from a system to the PC. For FPS I totally agree that controllers feel much better, especially with movement and aim. However, if one were to force themselves to use the mouse, they would eventually be able to ditch their controller,(coming from a “convert” here haha). I totally see controllers being important to any PC gamer’s arsenal nevertheless, especially for party gaming on the same PC,(i.e. trine, racing, etc.).

    • I would agree with you mikestek. I have picked up Insurgency just over two weeks ago now and I have only been using the mouse and keyboard. I have found that the controller is much better for the likes of racing games as it feels more fluent. I still play the likes of Planetside 2 on the controller though. I’m sure I will come around eventually, however I don’t see myself abandoning the controller completely. :) – Aces

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