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Hey gamers, Casual Hunter here, this week I had my new Gaming PC delivered. Seeing as Casual Aces showed you the ease of building your own PC, I thought I’d be lazy and have mine built by professionals. Casual Aces post can be found here.

This post is most useful to those of you living in Europe but there are similar companies all over the world. The company I chose to build my PC for me is a UK based company called PC Specialist that deliver all over Europe.

I chose this company after a great deal of research and price comparisons and my final build cost me €900 with delivery. I already had a monitor keyboard, mouse etc. so I just bought the desktop which came ready to go with everything installed,
updated and all the back up boot discs in the box. This is of course a lot of money but the PC can handle all my gaming needs and comes with a warranty (the main advantage of ordering from a company).

This is the option for anyone not comfortable enough to build your own PC and would rather have it done right and pay the bit extra. I would however recommend building your own as you will learn a lot in the process and feel very attached once you’re done, do be careful though. Either way both options are far, far cheaper than buying from a high street computer store and give you the option to really get exactly what you want for your money.

This is what I went with for my budget and current requirements I will be upgrading the GPU and getting a solid state hard drive later in the year, the glorious advantage of desktop gaming.

The specs

Case: Corsair 200R Compact Gaming Case,

Processor: Intel i5-4570 Quad Core,

Motherboard: ASUS Z87



Power supply: Corsair 450W

Hard Drive: 1 TB SATA

DVD Drive etc.

New PC

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3 comments on “New PC (assembled and delivered this time) – Casual Hunter
  1. Tom Cashman says:

    SWEET BUILD MAN :D pitty the case is a little ugly though :(

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