Star Citizen, Epic Concept.

Casual Hunter FooterHi there gamers I come to you today with a game I’ve mentioned before and you may have heard about or maybe you have already invested in the pre release content i.e. the hanger and ships. I have so far been sceptical that this game would live up to its promises but recent developments in the funding of the project, the lore of the universe and the emerging game mechanics have convinced me that this could be an absolutely massive game.

So far we’ve seen the ships up close through the hanger module and the brilliantly done commercials. We’ve also gotten a glimpse of the combat gameplay from the dogfighting which is still very limited.  We will soon get to see some planetary landings which will not be player controlled, they will work by entering a planets orbit, requesting permission and upon being granted permission the auto pilot will take you through the atmosphere and down to a set landing area. So far there are well over a 100 planets with stations to land on and we will be able to land on certain objects in order to salvage items also. The landing docks will vary but most will have some form of traders and a bar where you will find less official types of missions.

The history of the universe of star citizen is already rich with culture, war and politics. The main races will be the humans in the form of the UEE (United Empire of Earth) which is modelled on a roman style empire where earning citizenship is a massive advantage and the Xi’an a militarised reptilian race who have an uneasy peace with UEE.The Xi’an are spiritual and intelligent but also extremely dangerous, all Xi’an must complete a term of military service making every Xi’an you meet disciplined and deadly. Then we have the rather mysterious Vanduul who are a large and aggressive species, adapt at space travel and that move across the universe in packs hunting for resources. The next almost as mysterious race is the Banu a trade orientated species with very little fighting strength and unknown homeworld. The Banu rely on militia forces for security as such Banu space is ripe for piracy and is the perfect place for UEE fugitives to hide from the law as the Banu will not extradite you, they care only for profit.

The roles of the players are split into three basic options with many variants of each, the traders who carry cargo on profit versus risk trips, the pirates who prey on the traders and sell illegal goods on the black market and lastly the mercenaries who hunt pirates and smugglers for bounties paid by big business and governments. You will likely find myself and Aces flying UEE Hornets on bounty hunting and escort missions so if you want a hornet squad, hire Casual.

The ships range from single  seater fighters right up to vessels capable off carrying other ships in their cargo holds. The crew dynamics of bigger ships will mean players without the funds for the ship they want can go along and man a turret for a friend to earn some credits. We look forward to seeing these spectacularly well designed machines finally take to the stars, they look impatient siting in the hanger module.

The first real gameplay that will be released will be the Squadron 42 single player or drop in drop out co-op campaign. This will be a linear campaign where you will play as a UEE pilot and enjoy a storyline that will teach you how the game and its politics work in advance of you playing the massively online multiplayer. There will also be the option of hosting your very own server with just you and your friends against AI these servers will be fully moddable and we are expecting many great mods for this game especially Star Trek and Star Wars themed mods.

One of my favorite concepts we are hearing about for Star Citizen is the death system. The idea is that you will receive permanent wounds and scarring during combat that you will carry with you for your character’s life span, however if you are killed outright by a head shot or your life pod being destroyed you will not respawn. When you create your character at the beginning of the game you will choose all the usual stuff but also a beneficiary . When your character dies you will take on the role of the beneficiary at your own funeral, you will see your previous characters life achievements and inherit his/her estate. This gives you basically a clean slate factions that your previous character was friendly with will naturally favor you but you will have no criminal record or bounties on your head. This will make combat far more intense as you will be genuinely concerned about your characters well being and it means if you do die you don’t have to start from scratch which is kind of the perfect happy medium.

So all in all a very promising and seemingly well thought out game of course there’s far more to it than I have mentioned here but hopefully I’ve sparked your interest.

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2 comments on “Star Citizen, Epic Concept.
  1. Simon says:

    Good read, very informative. Only fix this line “well over a 100 planets with stations to lang on” That’s only critic.

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