Introducing the Casual Phantom (Casual Aces gaming rig)

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Hey gamers, Aces here. I’ve been a bit preoccupied as of late so apologies for that but trust me the reason behind my absence has definitely been worth it.

Here at Casual Gaming we have decided to leave the next-gen consoles neatly on their respectful shelves and assemble our own gaming systems instead. Over the last few weeks I have acquired all the relevant parts to build my next-gen gaming PC. It was a lot of fun but very time consuming at the same time. I was constantly changing my mind on different parts (mainly because of price fluctuations) while trying to get the best bang for buck. Below is a list of the parts used in the Casual Phantom.

Build list:

CPU: Intel core i5 4670k (3.4GHz)

Motherboard: Asus Z87-A


Ram: 16GB Kingston 1600 DDR3

PSU: Corsair TX600

CPU Cooler: Corsair H60i

Storage: 120GB Kingston SSD (Boot Drive) + 1TB WD Hard drive (Storage) + 2TB WD Hard Drive (Storage)

Case: NZXT phantom 410 mid tower

Keyboard: Logitech G105 gaming keyboard

Mouse: Mad Catz Rat 3

Gaming Headset: Tritton 720+ 7.1 surround sound

(Pictures below)


Even though the assembly is pretty straight forward, its important not to rush anything. As this was my first build it took me about 4 hours and several youtube videos to connect and assemble everything correctly! Its a great learning experience and I would highly recommend it for anyone who is on the fence about the next-gen consoles. Your wallet will suffer less in the long run with no subscriptions and better seasonal sales on steam too.

2013-11-24 21.12.23

Above is the Asus motherboard with the ram installed. I spaced the ram to help keep it cool when its under pressure.

2013-11-24 21.12.31

Plenty of space inside the case so I had no reason to have poor cable management!!

2013-11-24 21.49.02

Above is the motherboard secured in the case while the PSU was just coming out of the box. Looking back at it now I regret no spending the extra $20 to get a fully modular PSU. But thats the beauty of PCs, it can always be upgraded!

Below everything is in place and the sides are ready to go back on the case. Everything fitted in neatly and the cables are nicely tucked away behind the motherboard. The Phantom currently has 4 fans cooling the system. The Corsair H60i is keeping the CPU nice and cool especially when gaming. If you look to the bottom right of the picture you can just about see the SSD and the hard drive attached in the bottom two bays.

2013-11-25 00.38.43

With the new gaming rigs we are putting together here we are hoping to have content on the site on a more frequent and regular basis with a lot more game reviews including, but not limited to, free to play games, chart games, indie games and of course the ever growing mod community.

If you have any games that you would like us to review or if you want any help/advice for building your own gaming pc feel free to email either myself (Casual Aces) or Casual Hunter at

Aces Out.

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3 comments on “Introducing the Casual Phantom (Casual Aces gaming rig)
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