Casual Hunter discusses Far Cry 3

Casual Hunter FooterI’m just going to focus on the single player as it’s the main reason I got the game and to be honest I haven’t tried Multiplayer yet, but if you think it’s worth my time do let me know.

The story driven element to this game is often unorthodox but always interesting and engaging. The gritty depth to the characters especially your enemies makes every encounter worthwhile, unfortunately the locals all look the same and are extremely boring to deal with. You’ll only really interact with locals for side missions these are numerous and allow you something to do when your just out to have some fun. The main story takes you on quite a roller coaster ride that’s hard to explain or compare to another game, basically its worth playing.

The free roam aspect to the game is very diverse and deep with really beautiful natural features. The addition of so many animals and the necessity of hunting in order to craft equipment has made hunting a massive aspect of this game. The way the foliage now conceals you (as opposed to far cry 2 where it was just a hindrance) has made stalking both human and animal prey far more immersive. The guns are relatively well done and the addition of customization helps you form an attachment to your favorites.  The vehicles though enjoyable handle a little weird, the little emergency delivery side missions are really good fun I defiantly recommend them. Also I don’t want to spoil anything but later upgrades make exploration a lot faster and more interesting.

The other feature worth noting in this game is the way in which your experience gives you access to new abilities, you don’t just upgrade your speed accuracy etc. you unlock completely game changing abilities that you’ll quickly wonder how you ever did without. It’s a nice paced development that for me coincided with a general acceptance of your character for his situation making you feel as if you really are becoming a combat veteran.

So reasons to get Far Cry 3: It’s a whirlwind story with great characters and story development, the AI both human and animal are challenging  and the open world adventure is thoroughly enjoyable.

I give Far Cry 3 8.5/10 because although great it could have been better.

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3 comments on “Casual Hunter discusses Far Cry 3
  1. James Kelleher says:

    It is a great game. I hated though, when your fighting the pirates and that bastard with the molotovs threw one at you and it would take nearly all your health and you would use a syringe and then after you healed up it would take all your health again and say hold Q to put out fire and in a split second your dead. Bullshit!!! There are a few more things wrong with the game but that’s the one that pisses me off the most. Other than that great game, recommend it to anyone.

  2. James Kelleher says:

    I havn’t played the multiplayer, i would give the game 9/10. Great game

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